CRE News Hour 9/13/2019

In this week’s edition of The CRE News Hour, we’ll learn about neurodiversity and how that’s affecting the way office space is being designed, with Kay Sargent of design firm HOK. We’ll take an exclusive look at the building products industry with Mark Rayfield, the recently appointed CEO of building products company Saint-Gobain, and we’ll explore Section 170 tax advantages for nonprofits and charities that want to buy commercial real estate properties, with Jerrell Bass and Rob Blakely of Tampa-based real estate advisory firm Welfont.

CRE News Hour 09/06/2019

Award-winning news anchor Steve Lubetkin covers these topics in this week’s episode of The CRE News Hour: a value add investment strategy to upgrade and enhance class B and C multifamily properties with Castle Lanterra Properties CEO Elie Rieder; Michelle Bodick of The Instant Group will tell us about her firm’s survey of coworking trends in 18 cities worldwide, and we’ll look at global economic trends affecting commercial real estate with CBRE’s chief economist, Richard Barkham.

CRE News Hour 8/23/2019

On the 8/23/2019 CRE News Hour, part two of Brad Molotsky on Opportunity Zones, Dr. Janice Barnes on the ULI report “Scorched,” and environmental remediation with Robert Gascoyne and David Eareckson of Matrix New World Engineering.

CRE News Hour 8/2/2019

This week’s CRE News Hour features: Qualified opportunity zone funds, a tour of The Discovery Labs, a scientific research facility near Philadelphia, and an Atlanta startup that wants to make small investors into hotel owners – with room discounts as part of the benefits.