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‘Taxpayers Bill of Rights’ Criticized for Limiting Pennsylvania’s Ability to Help Residents

Some lawmakers want to add an amendment known as a “Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights” to Pennsylvania’s state Constitution, but fiscal experts say it would cripple the state’s ability to respond to its residents’ needs. But critics say TABOR would block the state from addressing critical issues, from crumbling infrastructure and inequities in education funding to property-tax relief.

PA Solar Power Purchase Largest Ever

Governor Tom Wolf announced Pennsylvania PULSE, a power-purchase agreement that will build seven large solar arrays in six counties – enough to produce nearly half of all the electricity used by state government.

PA Nursing Homes Reopening to Visitors

HARRISBURG, PA (SBN) — Families are returning to visit relatives in Pennsylvania nursing homes, bringing a year of painful isolation to an end for many…

Advocates seeking repeal of New York state Medicaid cap

Advocates for people with disabilities say the cap New York put on Medicaid spending in 2011 doesn’t keep pace with growing health-care needs and they’re urging lawmakers to finally repeal it. SBN correspondent Steve Lubetkin reports on the issue.