SBN now publishing obituaries in New Jersey

State Broadcast News has joined the network to offer online obituaries, death notices, and memorial pages for readers. Obituaries are initially available in New Jersey and will expand as needed to other parts of the country.

In addition to standard text obituaries, SBN plans to offer upgraded obituary services, including life stories written by a professional journalist that include reminiscences, family stories, and other anecdotes. Also available are long-form radio style audio recollections and family tribute video options.

“With the dramatic contraction of traditional local print news organizations, publication of obituaries and death notices has become difficult and expensive,” said Steve Lubetkin, SBN news director, and managing partner of SBN’s parent company, The Lubetkin Media Companies. “Often, these cash-strapped print publications are not sufficiently staffed locally to assist families and funeral directors with preparation of obituaries, and dealing with remote call centers can be frustrating at a time of loss. We’re hoping to make the obituary publication process easier and more cost-effective.”

SBN will accept obituary submissions from families and funeral homes. To submit an obituary or browse currently published notices, click here. For questions or more information on the packages available, email

Obituary Packages

Basic Obituary – $50

Basic information about the deceased, 3-5 paragraphs and information about services and/burial.

Upgraded Obituary – $175

Includes basic information as described above, but also includes professional journalist contact with the family to gather more information and stories about the deceased to be incorporated into a narrative, story-telling obituary.

Audio Tribute Obituary – $350

Includes all of the above plus an audio interview with family and up to four friends of the deceased offering audio recollections that will be incorporated into a podcast attached to the text obituary.

Family Legacy Video Tribute Obituary – $1,500

Includes all of the above, but is arranged prior to the death of a loved one, and can incorporate video interviews with your loved one, interviews with family and friends (up to three of each) and incorporates digitized images from family albums, scrapbooks, home videos to create a tribute video of 20-30 minutes.