SBN Newsmakers: Cyber Security Expert Warns of Risks Facing Electric Vehicle Chargers

Just when you started getting your computers, smart phones, tablets and other Internet-aware devices more secure, cyber security experts are now warning of yet another threat to our data security.

This one comes by way of the rising visibility and availability of electric vehicle chargers, as increasing numbers of cars now need to be plugged in to top them off for the trip home.

A risk expert at cybersecurity firm Checkpoint Technologies, Pete Nicoletti, is our guest on this episode of SBN Newsmakers.

Nicoletti says the vulnerabilities introduced into the system by electric chargers will probably grow. Nicoletti, Checkpoint’s regional chief information security officer in New Jersey, notes that the Biden administration recently announced that Tesla will open its charging network to other automakers of EVs, boosting the infrastructure tremendously.

You can watch the interview with Nicoletti in the player below.