“Why Editors Drink” Author Rob Reinalda, Award-Winning Corporate News Editor, Discusses How to Improve Writing Skills

On this episode of SBN Newsmakers, Chicago-based Rob Reinalda, award-winning editor and author of Why Editors Drink: A Snarky Look at Common, Often Hilarious, Writing Blunders (affiliate link), discusses the many ways modern writing is failing and what to do about it.

Reinalda and SBN Newsmakers host Steve Lubetkin worked together in college newspaper journalism at the Monmouth College Outlook in the 1970s.

Watch the interview in the player below.

About the Guest

Rob Reinalda is a career journalist and winner of ACES’ Robinson Prize for excellence in editing. After 25 years in newspapers, Rob moved into online publishing and quickly became an authoritative voice on writing and editing. His humorous, informative essays on Huffington Post and other popular websites have drawn widespread acclaim, and he has written numerous podcast scripts for Grammar Girl. He has delivered live and online presentations to enthusiastic audiences for about a decade.

Rob and his wife, Teresa (who designed and illustrated Why Editors Drink), moved from metro New York to greater Chicago in 2005.