NJSpotlight Roundtable on Electric Vehicles in NJ is focus of SBN video, podcast

HAMILTON, NJ —(SBN) — NJSpotlight’s latest roundtable, “New Jersey’s Clean Energy Future: What’s Next with Electric Vehicles?” was the subject of a multicamera video and an audio podcast produced for NJSpotlight by SBN. The program focused on the need for New Jersey to promote greater adoption of electric vehicles, both for personal and public transportation.

You can read a full account of the roundtable by NJSpotlight Energy Writer Tom Johnson, who moderated the panel, at this link (the video is embedded in the story). You can also see the SBN video in the player below.

The video production was complex, featuring a virtual keynote provided via YouTube.com from Patty Monahan, Commissioner, California Energy Commission; a live keynote with slides by Mark Warner, Vice President, Gabel Associates; and a panel discussion featuring the following:


Jim Appleton, President, New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers (NJ CAR)

Stefanie Brand, Director, New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel

John Dempsey, Public Service Electric and Gas Company

Doug O’Malley, Director, Environment New Jersey

Christine Sadovy, Deputy Chief of Staff, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities


Tom Johnson, Energy Reporter, NJ Spotlight

SBN produced a three-camera video of the program, integrating the YouTube video, slides from Warner and panelist Jim Appleton, and switched edits based on speaker interaction.

“Many seminar videos rely on a single camera for coverage, and we have found that frequent camera pans required with a single camera can be disorienting to a viewer,” said Steve Lubetkin, SBN news director and chief videographer. “We prefer the flexibility of a multi-camera recording that gives our clients a smoother transition between speakers, and affords the opportunity to incorporate reaction shots into the production, giving it a ‘you are there’ reality feel that is often missing in a single-camera production.”

SBN also produced a forthcoming audio podcast for the roundtable.

SBN is a division of The Lubetkin Media Companies, which has been producing audio and video podcasts of NJSpotlight roundtables since 2010.