SBN Launches Subscription Audio and Video Services

View of the media covering Rob Andrews press conference, from our camera position.View of the media covering Rob Andrews press conference, from our camera position.

CHERRY HILL —(SBN)—To continue to support its newsgathering efforts in audio and video stories, is launching a subscription-based service for readers interested in accessing long-form video and audio reports about important conferences and news events around New Jersey.

Subscribers will be guaranteed a minimum number of audio and video programs each month and will be able to download all interviews, conference recordings, and video news reports for a low monthly fee. Initial reports will cover the commercial real estate industry, but we anticipate expanding the coverage sectors based on subscriber interest.

Beginning July 1, audio and video content on the SBN website will be paywall-protected and only available to subscribers or purchasers of individual programs.

“News coverage of important interviews with industry experts and political leaders needs to reach our subscribers, but the cost of producing this kind of reporting has to be covered,” said SBN News Director Steve Lubetkin. “We believe we have unique, high quality audio and video content that people need so they can make important business decisions. Providing a subscription solution for distribution of this news reporting is a good way to share the costs with our readers who find the stories and conversations most valuable.”

Monthly subscriptions will cost $50 and provide subscribers with at least two audio reports a week that average between 15 and 20 minutes each. Longer conference and seminar programs will also be provided. For a limited time, charter subscribers will get the first month for $10.

Individual audio and video programs will also be available for purchase as digital downloads.

To sign up for a subscription to audio and video content, click here.