Feng Shui Helps Roseland Market Luxury Apartment Project in Weehawken

Feng Shui practitioner Alex Stark demonstrates a feng shui blessing at 1500 Avenue at Port Imperial, Weehawken, NJ.Feng Shui practitioner Alex Stark demonstrates a feng shui blessing at 1500 Avenue at Port Imperial, Weehawken, NJ.

WEEHAWKEN, NJ—(SBN)—Roseland , the luxury residential property division of Mack-Cali Realty Corporation, is taking no chances with negative energy in its RiversEdge development at Port Imperial in Weehawken. The firm engaged a Feng Shui master to evaluate the property and implement principles of the ancient practice so that the property’s positive energy is maximized for tenants.

The firm has worked with architect and Feng Shui practitioner Alex Stark on a dozen properties over the past decade.

“In Feng Shui, we try to balance the hard reality of a building and everything that happens in a building with that intangible, hard-to-describe thing we call a good feeling or a nice vibe,” Stark tells SBN in a story prepared for GlobeSt.com. “We try to make the two things work together so that the building promotes qualities in people’s lives.”

Roseland has been enthusiastic about the results, too.

“For today’s market of renters, particularly the ‘renters by choice,’ we’ve taken steps to enhance our communities to provide a more holistic living environment,” says Andrew Marshall, Roseland‘s executive vice president of Development. “Though the trend toward healthy living is evident throughout the multi-family sector, we’ve found that, in order to create of truly desirable luxury homes, the character of the building must transcend the amenity offerings. It’s essential that Roseland continues to promote this multifaceted living experience from the beginning stages of development, both inside and out.”

The building, at 1500 Avenue at Port Imperial, has several advantages, Stark says. It is bounded on the west by the high palisade of Weehawken and looks across the Hudson River at Manhattan, which reflects energy of prosperity and success, he says.

Stark worked with Roseland to evaluate individual apartment designs and recommended changes to help maximize the positive Feng Shui energy of the building. The lobby area incorporates a dome shaped atrium ceiling and muted shades of gray.

“For every apartment we would make sure that that apartment, and the family that would live in it, would be an optimal situation,” he says. “We looked at it carefully, sometimes  rearranging the position of bathrooms, kitchens, in order to optimize success, prosperity, health, and family.”

Roseland got into Feng Shui initially to meet the interest of a rising Asian demographic among its customers, but now it’s part of the overall marketing approach.

“They initially hired us to look at that component,” Stark says. “As the years went by, they realized that everybody was interested in Feng Shui, and by providing Feng Shui in their buildings and making it part and parcel of what they were doing, they were actually attracting customers who had nothing to do with the original demographic. Typically, in the sales process, it’s used as part of the marketing. A lot of people are happy about it.”

In addition to the Feng Shui treatment of the building, it also includes material world amenities such as a concierge, clubroom, billiards room, conference room, fitness room, outdoor heated swimming pool with attached spa and waterfall, barbecue grills, wi-fi provided in all common areas, and doggie day care available in the same building. The property offers studio, and one- and two-bedroom floor plans.

For Stark, it’s important that the building provide the kind of positive energy that will benefit residents.

“I don’t want the users necessarily to know that I’ve been was here or that Feng Shui was done to the building,” he says. “What I want them to feel is that the space is nourishing to them, is going to provide the kind of feeling that they want to have their family life, to raise their children, entertain guests, and to have a fruitful family life.”

You can learn more about Feng Shui and Roseland’s RiversEdge property, and see a demonstration of a Feng Shui blessing in the video player below.


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