Philly Net Squared crowdsourcing event is livestreamed by Professional Podcasts division

Andrew Sather welcomes participants in Net Tuesday, 9/2/2014Andrew Sather welcomes participants in Net Tuesday, 9/2/2014

State Broadcast News’s sister division, Professional Podcasts, livestreamed the February 4 Net Tuesday event produced by Philly Net Squared, featuring the topic, “Crowdsourcing Change: Applying the Social Web to Some Philly Nonprofits.”

Professional Podcasts used our new Roland V4-EX HD video switcher to manage a four-camera live production from the program. The event was held at the Friends Center, 1501 Cherry Street.

You can watch the complete program in the archived video below.

The two local groups participating are:

Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia

A longstanding advocate for civil rights, the Public Interest Law Center works for equality and justice by driving meaningful change and fighting laws, policies and practices that perpetuate discrimination, inequality and poverty. Representing some of the regions most vulnerable populations, its clients include people with disabilities, racial and ethnic minorities, low-income individuals and ex-convicts.

West Philly Local

West Philly Local is a community-owned news website serving the people of West Philadelphia. Covering an area that runs roughly from the Schuylkill River to 52nd Street and Market Street to Woodland Avenue, its goal is to provide timely news and information and to connect residents to local businesses.

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